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Wellness Weekends

A monthly, virtual Drop-In arts wellness series focused on fostering our relationship to ourselves, our passions, and our creativity.

This months workshop, Improv for Wellness: The Language of Emotions, highlights foundational tools & mindsets that allows us to listen to the messages of our feelings in insightful, non-judgmental ways that can reveal deep insights to ourselves and our impulses

Through playing with solo Improv activities, free writes, exercises, group discussions, and so much more, we will discover how to reclaim & expand our identities. By becoming curious and excited by who we already are, we'll learn to commit to ourselves and everything we want to be.

Needing nothing but a pen, notebook, and desire to care deeper about yourself, Improv for Wellness gives us space to love, care for, and invest in our authentic truth.

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Upcoming Events



 SEL Based Workshops
Tailored To:
  • Empower Students
  • Cultivate Sense of Self
  • Foster embodied performers
  • Teach Improv & Wellness Tools
  • Build relationships to creativity



Professional Developmental Workshops Tailored To:
  • Empower Staff
  • Provide Tools for Creativity
  • Instill Confidence & Trust In Self
  • Build relationships to creativity
  • Build Community through self-worth



Custom Built Workshops for your Space/Group Tailored To:
  • Make Arts Wellness Accessible
  • Help Discover A Sense of Play
  • Reignite A Love for Creativity
  • Introduce People to Mindfully Based Improv
  • Promote Risk Taking In Life

*No performance experience necessary

Available Workshops

In-Person & Virtual Workshops for all your needs

Schedule a Free 

30-minute consultation

With Teague M. Parker

Discuss your needs & desires for an Improv for Wellness workshop, and learn the avenues that we can best serve your school, business, and/or group

Free Consultation

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