Improv is about exploring your natural impulses. Led by Teague M. Parker, these workshops help to identify who we are as people, and the ways we can cultivate the artistry already within us.


 Our goal is to help rekindle our sense of play; creating a freer mentality to unleash the artist inside ourselves

These workshops are perfect for those who think improv was never for them, as well as skilled veterans who are searching to further the freedom and joy of the craft

Graduate Actin Students playing with Improv!
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(Above) Improv Workshop Series with University of Florida Graduate Students

Improv Workshops

Teague M. Parker

A teaching artist, Teague has taught and coached Improv for over 6 years, and performed it for over 10. Trained at Western Washington University, he served as Artistic Director, Education Director, and an Instructor on the Dead Parrot Society (Western's nationally recognized Improv Team) over his 4 year stay. He has won over 6 improv tournaments over various groups, and has placed within the top 4 of over 120 teams at the Chicago Improv Tournament. His teaching experience has ranged from children to Seniors.

Teague received a BA in Theatre with concentrations in Acting and Playwriting. Trained in such Acting techniques as Viewpoints, Suzuki, Linklater, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Commedia Dell'arte, and Alexander Technique, he implements these lessons into his classes. This unique approach to Improv allows for a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the craft that brings the core values and lessons to the forefront. He's especially skilled at training newcomers and showcasing the joys of the craft.



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