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Improv For Wellness

Acting & Drama Classes

Wellness Weekends

A monthly, virtual drop-in arts wellness series focused on fostering our relationship to ourselves, our passions, and our creativity.

This months workshop, Improv for Wellness: The Language of Emotions, highlights foundational tools & mindsets that allows us to listen to the messages of our feelings in insightful, non-judgmental ways that can reveal deep insights to ourselves and our impulses

Through playing with solo Improv activities, free writes, exercises, group discussions, and so much more, we will discover how to reclaim & expand our identities. By becoming curious and excited by who we already are, we'll learn to commit to ourselves and everything we want to be.

Needing nothing but a pen, notebook, and desire to care deeper about yourself, Improv for Wellness gives us space to love, care for, and invest in our authentic truth.

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Drop-In Workshop

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Improv for Wellness is an Arts Wellness & Performance Technique using Improvisation as groundworks to help people uncover their creativity, cultivate awareness & self-worth, and learn to love their unique identity, all while learning the tenants of Improv.

"Improv for Wellness teaches us to love, care for, and invest in ourselves"

-Teague M. Parker, Creator of Improv for Wellness

Combining established wellness practices, Improvisation, and theatre techniques such as Grotowski, Commedia dell'arte, Suzuki, Viewpoints, and Alexander Technique, Improv for Wellness brings empowerment across mind, body, and spirit.
With the belief that creativity is everyone's birthright, it welcomes all individuals: whether it's people who want to enhance their skills on-stage, or individuals that want to uncover a greater sense of self. No performance experience is ever necessary. 
Through playing with exercises, solo activities, free writes, group discussions, and so much more, this technique uncover the tools to reclaim & expand our identities. By becoming curious and excited by who we already are, we learn to commit to ourselves and everything we want to be. As we cultivate this self-worth, we also broaden our understanding to see how ownership of self allow us to become actively supportive citizens in the world.

*No performance skills or experience necessary.

What Is Improv for Wellness?

Teague M. Parker

Teague M. Parker (He/Him) is an Actor, Playwright, Improviser, Producer, and Teaching Artist. After graduating from Western Washington University (WWU), he founded Come Up Productions (Come Ups), where he began freelance teaching his original Theatre technique, Improv for Wellness: a wellness & performance tool using Improvisation as groundworks to help people uncover their creativity, cultivate awareness & self-worth, and learn to love everything about their unique identity to authentically arrive in their everyday lives and/or performances.

Fusing his extensive acting education, thirteen years of Improv experience, nine years of teaching, and training with ArtsWa through the Teaching Artist Training lab, Teague’s work quickly took off.

Backed by his practical experience serving as both artistic & education director of WWU’s nationally recognized Improv team, The Dead Parrot Society, as well as his time as an ensemble member at Jet City Improv, Teague brought his Improv masterclasses to regional theaters such as Seattle Rep, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Village Theatre, and Jet City Improv. This work was soon shared with graduate students at the University of Florida, Theatre majors at WWU, heart-centered business conferences with Worth the Journey, and institutions such as the Museum of Pop Culture. Teague continues to share his class series & workshops through arts residencies with the drama, health, and English departments at schools such as Roosevelt & Everett High School, Open Window Middle School, Connections Homeschool, and Lakeside School.

Teague has performed around the country and internationally in plays such as “Topdog/Underdog” by Suzan-Lori Parks for the Teatro UNAM Festival in Mexico City, won the KCACTF Region VII Award for best full-length play, was ranked within the top three Improv teams at the College Improv Tournament national competition in Chicago, and is a part of the Teaching Artist Cohorts of Seattle Rep, Seattle Theatre Group, and Seattle Children’s Theatre. Uniting artist and audiences to form mindful communities, he believes creativity is everyone’s birthright, and that we all deserve to reclaim our self-worth.

Meet the Instructor
Wellness Weekend
What is Improv for Wellness?
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